Membership FAQ's

  1. Can I just turn up and join the club at the door? Can I bring a guest?
    1. NO, NO, NO and for the hard of hearing NO. For our compliance, you must register online prior to your first visit to an event. It is easy to do using our website. Advance registration also gives us a chance to have your pre-completed membership form ready at reception for a speedy ID check and your signature upon your first visit. 
    2. No Guests are allowed. As a members-only club, we aim to maintain the high standard of membership and strive to preserve the privacy of all members, so guests, casual admissions and substitutes on couples membership are NOT allowed at any time. PLEASE ensure that anyone accompanying you have applied for membership prior to attending. We reserve right to refuse admission and/or charge an administration fee to resolve issues which result in trying to bring a guest.
  2. Does registration guarantee membership?
    1. Alas no, registration is merely an application and does not automatically guarantee acceptance. We are not all supermodels, but we expect our members to be in good shape, clean and well presented. If you do not appear to take care of yourself, do not be surprised if your application is not successful.  If you arrive and do not resemble your application photo or your data is inaccurate, you may be offered only day membership or refused membership and admission entirely.
    2. The venue has strict safety limits and admission is on a pre-registered basis and first come first served door policy. We strongly advise that all members guest list themselves for the evening that they wish to attend. We will hold a waiting list when fully subscribed and contact those members in order when a cancellation occurs. 
  3. Do I need to submit a photograph for membership?
    1. Yes, it is mandatory to submit a recent photo from the waist up as a minimum (nude shots not required). We ask for photographs for members security, to ensure that those who attend an event ARE those who have applied and been ID verified. If you submit just a head shot, a group shot, an obscured or pixelated photo, a tiny photo or a deliberately misleading photo do not be surprised or offended if we reject your application!
  4. How old must I be to attend?
    1. All members must be at least 18 years of age or older. We have no upper age limit on membership, although we do maintain a Challenge 25 Policy.
  5. What ID do I need to bring for my membership to be approved?
    1. You must register using your real names as stated on your official ID. On your first visit, you must bring a photo ID that provides proof of name and age for each applicant. We accept a driving licence, passport, ID cards - a digital version (eg photo) will also be accepted. Please note NO PHOTO ID = NO ADMISSION.
  6. We are a same-sex couple, can we apply for couples membership?
    1. Regrettably, we have to be mindful of how single guys try to circumnavigate the clubs rules to gain admission on days restricted to couples and therefore our policy is to accept heterosexual couples. However, if you are a same-sex couple and can produce your marriage certificate or proof of a civil union, we will be delighted to accept you under a couples membership.  
  7. I am a CD/TV/TS, can I register as a single girl?
    1. Regardless of what gender you wish to identify with whilst attending an event, The club has a legal obligation to ID check all attendees. As such, we must ask that all registrations for membership are within the gender category that is supported by your official ID - driving license, passport or national ID card. If you are post op and hold official ID as a single lady, you are very welcome to apply within that group. Otherwise, I am afraid you should still apply as a single gentleman. The annual membership fee and event admission fees will be those that are applicable to your registration category. Membership applications that appear to be in an erroneous category will be automatically declined. 
  8. What are the fees?
    1. Administration fees for registration are separate from event contributions unless otherwise stated. Administration fees for registration are not payable in advance and are ONLY payable on the door on your first visit and are due upon annual renewal (you pay nothing at the point of registration). We Irrespective of whether or not registrations are extended beyond provisional status, the cost of registration administration is applicable upon your first visit and having attended, no refunds are due under any circumstances. We reserve the right to charge additional admin fees in instances where photographs have to be altered/updated or additional support is required to resolve registration irregularities such as false names. PLEASE NOTE, FROM 12.01.2018, EU regulation on processing fees means we can no longer accept card payments. All contributions must be settled in CASH (GBP). Fees are unchanged since the club opened and are currently:
    2. Single Ladies Membership Fee £10.00
    3. Couples Membership Fee £25.00
    4. Single Gentlemen Membership Fee £25.00
  9. What are the event fees?
    1. Event fees vary. Midweek events are less than weekends and some are premium events. Please see the individual event listing under ‘What’s On’ for the relevant fees
    2. At the clubs discretion, singles may attend events together, But this does not entitle couples admissions rates. UNLESS YOU HOLD AN APPROVED COUPLES MEMBERSHIP, ADMISSION WILL BE CHARGED AT THE APPLICABLE SINGLES RATES. Any concession on admission is purely at the clubs discretion.
  10. Do you employ adult workers?
    1. W absolutely DO NOT employ adult workers under any circumstances and we make no guarantees about attendance levels or that members will meet other members who may wish to socialise with them.