If you feel you may be offended by expressions of sexual freedom, please do not attend one of our social events at this venue. We don't want you to be upset by such expressions and we ask that you respect our members’ lifestyle choices without judgement too.  Why label people because of their sexual preferences?

Since our first social events in 2015, Le Boudoir has become a haven for those wanting to explore their sexual liberation and you should know that you are never under any obligation to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Many guests take pleasure from dressing up or wearing something that maybe just a little too risque elsewhere - although, a walk through the clubland of any major city these days could make you blush as it is!

The opportunity to socialise without inhibition with like-minded people means that you may well be engaged in conversation by other members but remember, the choice is always yours and if they want to take things further and you don't, then tell them politely, No thank you.


There some very basic rules that all members should adhere to; Do not touch people without asking for their consent. If you are watching a scene be respectful and keep a reasonable distance and do not try to get involved unless you have been asked to join in! And no absolutely means no, if it’s not for you. 

If you feel someone is being overly attentive or makes you feel uncomfortable, please let a staff member know asap and we will attempt to manage the situation without fuss.

We hold our events in a unique and very discrete London venue. The venue is not open to the general public during these events and as such, for the security and integrity of all of the members, you are required to complete a membership application ahead of coming. There is absolutely no admission without membership and an application is no guarantee of acceptance.

We ask that you treat other guests with respect and acknowledge their boundaries at all times. Ask politely if you would like to socialise with them and accept it gracefully if someone declines your request. 

Also, before you attend please know your own boundaries and those of your partner. Events are meant to be sociable and couples or individuals who cause disruption of any kind may be asked to leave in order to ensure the enjoyment of everyone else. Finally, please read through our Rules and FAQ's, particularly on the dress code for gentlemen.


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